Tuesday 25 September 2012


i am late,more than one month...because it's about Draupadi...

'DRAUPADI' - My third play performed on august 20,2012.It was an experience for me because of many reasons.
I don't want to hurt any one.only so i can't write the whole things about the works for this play.

a dream came true…

It was a dream,which had and started many years ago...many times the flow of the work stopped by some hurdles and the entire crew failed to jump...
Sukanya,who played the lead role,is the real reason for this work. When she read the novel,'Yajnaseni' by Prathibha Ray,had a thought to play the role of draupadi.She shared her idea to our director, Prof.Chandradasan and after this,the pen ran through the paper and wrote a script.Started rehearsals with Sumesh and Selvaraj,two of the senior actors of Lokadharmi.But,the time was not ready to support them...
problems...problems...blocks...breaks...so,project postponed... 

Again started some months back,with Sukanya,Selvaraj and Shaiju,who selected in  the place of Sumesh.Sumesh is one of the finest artist of Lokadharmi,who gave up the work because of some serious health problems and family conditions in that time...

I knew about the actors role in that play and interested to see and study.
One day,in a meeting for the restart of play Sir asked me : ‘Do you want to work in this play;not as an actor only in any other areas?’
Without any doubt,I replied : ‘I can assist You.'

Started rehearsals,but the Time played his/her role again.The actress had an accident and the play,again postponed…
When,National School of Drama(NSD) invited application for next Bharath Rang Mahotsav-2013,the team rejoined…
Sukanya in the lead role as draupadi.
Selvaraj as Yudhistira,Bheema,Dusaassana and Soothradhara.
Shaiju as Arjuna and Krishna.
Me in the role of direction assistant.

We met one day at changampuzha park and planned ‘how to go ahead?’.As per the plan,we started our rehearsals at KSEB Hall, Ernakulam and without hard blocks,we travelled.

The rehearsals started with me,instead of Shaiju,only as a dummy. Shaiju got a new job in a company,little far from the hall.Because of shift work,He missed rehearsals,two days/week.
Rehearsals continued.I started as an assistant in direction, then changed to dummy actor and at the end of the journey I played the role of Arjuna and Krishna in the premier.        


I performed or ‘just did’ the play named 'DRAUPADI' on august 20,2012.
It was an experience for me because of many reasons.
I had some happy moments and had many bitter and painful also.
I don't want to hurt any one.Only so I can't write the details here,on Draupadi. 

Thursday 14 June 2012


He was totally against
  the self-death.
He believed that
  the world is
  looking for him.

  he hated them,
  who died self and
  who wanted to die.
One day,
  he found them,
  who were ready to fight
  against the self-death.
They together started
  a new team with
  a theme 'Never Suicide.'
They made a pledge:
 'Never support suicide and
  never attempt to die.'

  on that dark day
  one man from the team
  broke their rules...
That man died,
  when he attempted
  to die...
He was the first man,
  who died by own self
  from that team...
  he was the man,
  who started the team 
  with a theme,
 'Never Suicide.'

In a letter,
  which is written by him
everyone read these words:
  'Now I know,
   why they wanted
   to suicide!'

Sunday 27 May 2012


   One Sunday in April,when we met at changampuzha park for Caucasian Chawlk Circle,next production of Lokadharmi, Chandradasan sir asked me about my availability from 16thmay from 23rd for a residential camp with Finnish Art Group.Sir told me that camp conducted for a production,based on a story from Kalewala,Finnish Epic.They decided the Production,as a team work of Finnish group with Lokadharmi,for 23rd May.Sir chose three artists from Lokadharmi;they are Selvaraj VR,Charu Narayanan and Me.    
   I was in trouble;had many thoughts, confusions…I was not ready for residential camp,because of my homesickness and thoughts on food.I have one more reason;I have no interests in ‘quick play making and delivering’.I want,Time to relax, in all my works…
Why me? : Lokadharmi have many talents than me,I am sure.But…why me?That was the question!Sir was waiting for my words.My Parents and friends told me to attend.But my mind said:‘NO’. 
   After my own calculations,I decided…
   On that day,in which Sir wanted my answer,I told Him:’Sir,I AM Ready’. 
   After some days I had a call from Sir:’We will start work on 15th May at Charu Narayanan’s Yoga Centre.'
On The Way…
   15th,16th,17th of May we did practices at the Yoga centre. As I afraid,it was not a camp.We used our comfortable hours to practice and related excersises.
   On 15th we started at evening and continued till the powercut. We did some kalari based movements led by Charu narayanan,the Yoga expert and actress. Then we started work with improvisation of first portion of the play-Two Mothers In The Realm Of Death.
   The Directors divided us as Two groups;each has 3 people.The first group members were Selvaraj,Anna and Eija and the second had Mari,Charu and Me.Our improvisations had many mistakes and some good parts. 
   Next day,Pirkko Kurikka(the writer), Laura,Mammu (musicians) and Janne Hyytianen joined to the rehearsals.We started the rehearsals afternoon to the time of powercut and discussed about next day’s plan.
   Next day our practice also started afternoon,but ended very early,just at evening.They have some works for a drama,which they planned to play next day.Because of that drama,18th May was free from practice.
   On 19th the team went to Cherai and camped at Amaravathy Resort,near to the beach, for the practice and enjoyment. Antti,Martta and Kishore also joined to the rehearsals.      
   Mannam is just 9 or 10 kilometers far from Cherai;so I went to home after the rehearsals and came as the schedule. 
   From the Yoga centre rehearsals,we had the structure of the play. At Cherai,Everyone worked hard for the perfection.
The Happiest Lunch Time
   I had a plan to invite The whole team to my home on last day.On sunday,I discussed my wish with my Mother.Without any doubt, She approved.In the evening,I asked Sir and He to The Team. Thumbs Up…
   Next day,at Lunch time the whole team were in my home.My Mother made a good feast for Them.After the food,they spend some time in my home and after that they went to their residences.They enjoyed and said Thanks…
"It was one of my happiest moment in my life."
   Next day,I got their thanks again and I told them to give thanks to my Mother.
   As we planned,did rehearsals and planned for next day-The performance day.
The Performance Day
   It was my second play.
   Prayed for a better play and we played well…Played much much better than the rehearsals…
   It was a team effort,in which each individuals gained success.
Got comments with good words.

   Had a closing ceremony of Finnish Art Week-2012 on 24th May,at Nanappa Art Gallery.It was a function with Music and Painting...But for me,that was a hard time.   

   I can’t write about this day… 

   It was very sad to say Good Bye!
   Don’t know, when we can meet again.

   I have many to write in my mind;but in short,We had memorable and enjoyable moments.Want to write more on it,inch by inch,but the language is a problem for me!
   I want to tell one more thing:The work with them helped me to understand the easiness of 'quick play making and delivering'.If there is any chance to work with the same team,i will change my all time schedule for that work.          

THANK YOU for Your Love and Co-operation... 
See You Again...
Keep in Touch with mails and on facebook...
Nothing more to say…


Saturday 26 May 2012


6 November 2010 - 26 may 2012....
It is a LONG GAP...
In this period,i have no proper idea about 'what to post?'. Many 'Drafts' are here;but I was not confident to convert them as 'Post'...
My other blogs are running successfully and properly...It is because of the language...I am good in Malayalam and not in English... 

Now I am back.
I will try to do something with words and try to improve my English Language.
I will try to post from my own literature and other classics,great articles and other useful ideas.
At the starting point my aim was to promote my own literature... Now,I change that plan.

This is my second birth here...
I have some ideas,experiences to share...
Help me to improve...

Came once to show something;
   but failed to stick on...
Tried to stand here
   but failed to do that...
I found a door to exit
   and entered to exit.
Went then to come again
   and came again now...
I am Here Now
   to do something;
   to show something;
   to share something...

-with love,
        adithye k n

"GOD BLESS ALL"        

Saturday 6 November 2010


It is necessary to understand the meaning of the word health, before entering upon a description of the human body. Health means body ease.He is a healthy manwhose bodyis free from all diseases;he carries on his normal activities without fatigue.Such a man should be able to perform ordinary physical labour without getting tired.His mind and senses are in state of harmony and poise.

The human body is composed of what the ancient philosophers have described as the five elements.They are Earth,Water,Vacancy,Light and Air.All human activity is carried on by means of the mind aided by the ten senses.These are the five senses of action,ie,hands,feet,mouth,anus and genitals & the five senses of Perception,ie,the sense of touch through skin,of seeing through the eyes,of hearing through the ears,of smell through the nose and of taste through the tongue.Thinking is the function of the mind and some have called it the eleventh sense.In health all the senses and the mind act in perfect co-ordination.

A happy working of inner human machine depends upon the harmonous activity of the various component parts.If all these working an orderly manner the machine runs smoothly.If even the essential parts is out of order,it comes to a stop.

Everything in the world can be used or abused.This applies to the body also.We abuse it when we use it for selfish purposes,for self-indulgence or in order to harm another.It is put to its right use if we excercise self-restraint and dedicate ourselves to the service of the whole world.The human soul is a part of the universal spirit or God.When all our activity is directed towards the realization of this link,the body becomes a temple worthy for the spirit to live in.

Man came into the world in order to pay off the debt owed by him to it,that is to say,in order to serve God and(or through) His creations.Keeping this point of view in front of him,man acts as a guardian of his body.It becomes his duty to take such care of his body as to enable it to practise the ideal of service to the best of its ability.

Monday 25 January 2010


Me  : I love You
She : Sorry...I can't.
Me  : Why?
She : Don't know...but I can't.
Me  : Without You I can't live...
She : But I can live without You...

She : I love You
Me  : Sorry...I can't.
She : Why?
Me  : Don't know...but I can't.
She : Without You I can't live...
Me  : But I can live without You...

Between these Two...
I understood that;
I can't live without Her and
She can't without Me...
Or otherwise...
I can't live without Her love and
She can't without My love

It is not a Story,but Fact...
I am here,now,
with My love
in My home.
She is there,now,
with Her love
in Her home.

Saturday 27 June 2009


- Don't know...!
But I know onething-
that they created me.
- Don't know...!
But I know onething-
that they are many.
- Don't know...!
But I know onething-
that they are with me.
- Don't know...!
But I know onething-
that they always help me.
- Don't know...!
But I know onething-
that their help grew me.
- Open your eyes;
Look at me!You can-
see 'Who Am I?'
- A common human being
with some creative talents.
You Know,I Am A Poet.
- They are my guardians;
the letters,my ideas
and everything are they;
They create my poetry.
They are those who-
helps me to create...
They are those who-
helps to create me.